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  • Baton Rouge Educational Article of the Month - About snakes

About snakes

About snakes

Some basic facts about Baton Rouge snakes, snakes are elongated, limitless reptiles. There are about 2900 species of snakes worldwide all of these 375 are known to be venomous. Snakes are predators which means they hunt and kill their prey. The small fact about snakes is they cannot chew, that means they have to swallow their prey whole, which actually has resulted in the occasional Louisiana snake choking to death by trying to swallow something which is too big. Snakes can swallow anything which is up to three times bigger than their own head, their lower jaw can unhinge which allows the mouth to open wider, all of a snakes teeth face backwards so once something is in its mouth it cannot spit it out, it has to swallow it or die trying.

There are two main types of Louisiana snakes, those that inject their prey with venom or those that constrict their prey. Snakes are found on every continent except Antarctica, there are no snakes in Iceland, Greenland, Ireland or New Zealand but these countries used to have snakes they have just been exterminated. Most species of snakes are found in tropical locations but snakes can live in water, forests, deserts or prairies.

One of the most common things that people observe about Baton Rouge snakes isn't their time is always flickering out of their mouths, this is because snakes use their tongue to smell the air, they have no nose the way we do. Snakes cannot regulate their body temperature from within like mammals so they use the sun for warmth and if they overheat they generally just go into the shade for a bit. Snakes hibernate during winter and they shed their skin from 3 to 6 times every year.

Most Baton Rouge snakes lay eggs but there are some that give birth to live young, and with the exception of a few python species neither the eggs or the young are given any care by either of the parents. Snakes can go up to a month without eating without it seeming to have any detrimental effect on the reptile. Some people wonder how you can tell a Louisiana snake from a legless lizard, the easiest way is snakes do not have eyelids whereas lizards do, also a legless lizard will still have little stubs where it's legs used to be but a snake will be smooth from head to tail.

A last fact, and this one is about sea snakes, some sea snakes can breathe partially through their skin, this is how they manage to spend hours underwater.

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