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  • Baton Rouge Educational Article of the Month - Rat prevention tips: how to keep rats away.

Rat prevention tips: how to keep rats away.

Rat prevention tips: how to keep rats away

Assuming you want to keep rats away from your Baton Rouge property totally let's start with the outside. I was told that if you spread coffee grounds around your garden then the rats will stay away, every professional I talked to thought that was a hilarious joke. The only thing they all agreed that would act as a deterrent was some kind of pepper spray applied directly to the part of the plant the rats are eating. That of course will only work until the first rain all until you wash it off watering the garden. All the professionals agreed that is is just about in impossible to keep rats out of your Louisiana yard completely. All you can really do is give them no reason to stay, keep your yard tidy and your garbage bins sealed.

Another place most people don't think about that Baton Rouge rats seem to have a liking for is cars, rats in your car can cause enormous damage because what they are after the plastic coating on the wiring and if they eat that they generally destroy the wiring as well. They also like the padding on the seats as a nesting material.

If you want to go a long way to preventing rats from moving into your Louisiana property here is a short list of things you can do:

• get rid of all the debris around the house, such as open compost piles and unsealed garbages
• seal all the gaps that lead into the house with steel and silicone sealer
• if you have pets make sure the rats can't get at their food
• two of the biggest rat attractors are birdfeeders and fruit trees
• if you don't already have one, get a cat, if you're ready have one, get another one

If you're thinking of trying any of these, don't waste your time, none of them work:

• growing a lot of mint around your Louisiana property, unless you eat a lot of mint
• spreading mothballs, ammonia and other strong smelling things around, rats really don't care
• using the fake ultrasonic transmitters, remember these devices have been labeled fraudulent by the FTC
• hanging cutouts or even getting stuffed ones of owls and hawks around the place

Most people think Baton Rouge rats just goes through holes, and even though they can fit through a whole as small as a quarter they never just go in a hole, they always sniff around the hole looking for airflow, if a hole has airflow then the rats know there is a cavity on the other side, that is when they will go through the hole.

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