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  • Baton Rouge Educational Article of the Month - Pigeon trapping: how to trap a pigeon

Pigeon trapping: how to trap a pigeon

Pigeon trapping: how to trap a pigeon

I have to say that the idea of trapping a single Louisiana pigeon is probably a waste of time, what you have to do is set up a pigeon trapping program to capture all of the pigeons in your local area anything less is a waste of time, because if you leave a single pair, they will breed in all those young will think of your area as home, and return when they want to breed. Most Baton Rouge pigeon cages/traps are simple affairs made of wire mesh with a one-way door at one end, the longer the trap is the more pigeons it can actually hold, one single trap, a large one, is actually known to the court 11 pigeons at the same time.

Before you can actually set about trapping the pigeons that are causing you the problem there is something that all Baton Rouge professionals recommend you do. What they say is to set the trap out where you want it and bait it but leave the gates open so the pigeons can come and go, in a very short space of time, like two days, the pigeons will start believing the trap is nothing but a bird feeder. The Louisiana professionals say that the next time the birds come for food you put out they were all happily walk into the trap and it won't be until all the food is eaten that they realize they are trapped.

The problem with pigeons is there homing ability, that means any Baton Rouge pigeons caught in a trap have to be euthanized otherwise once they are released they will return home, which is where you caught them. I have heard people say you should just shoot them, either using a pellet gun or a very small caliber rifle with special bullets. Before you even think about this you should be advised that it is a felony to shoot wild birds or nesting wild Louisiana birds in all 50 states and this is one regulation that is policed heavily is there a lot of bird species they really do want to protect.

The best you can really do when it comes to pigeons is to keep them off your Baton Rouge property by convincing them your neighbors properties are easier and more comfortable places for them to live, you can do this by occasionally trapping them and thinning their numbers out. You can also do it by deterrent means and the final solution offered is by denying them nesting places, if you see a nest, get up there, destroy it and restrict their access to the space by whatever means you can.

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