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  • Baton Rouge Educational Article of the Month - Armadillo trapping: how to trap an armadillo

Armadillo trapping: how to trap an armadillo

Armadillo trapping: how to trap an armadillo

The surprising thing about this idea, trapping a Louisiana armadillo, is the everyone I talked to about it just laughed at the idea, they all believe you cannot get the armadillo to trap itself like you can most other critters simply because there is no bait that an armadillo is interested enough in for it to go into a trap to get. Every single professional says if you want to trap an armadillo all you have to do is to force the Baton Rouge animal into the cage and shut the door when it's in there.

The reason there is no bait that works on armadillos is simple, Louisiana armadillos only eat food that they dig out of the ground themselves, they don't ever eat anything laying on the ground and especially anything laying at the back of a trap. One professional actually said to me that he catches Baton Rouge armadillos in traps because he uses traps that had armadillos in them already, and the one he's trying to trap, if he's lucky, will investigate the smell of the other armadillo and windup in the trap. To actually trap an armadillo you have to know the animals habits and be able to outsmart it.

If you're ever going to get Baton Rouge armadillo in a trap then it has to be all about trap placement, you cannot lure the animal into a trap but because of the armadillo is very poor eyesight and you are also hoping to trap it at night then it might be just possible, and the experts agree, to get the animal to walk into the trap of its own accord. You need to place the trap on one of the armadillo's pathways and just hope is heading in the right direction when it reaches the trap, the alternative is you could buy one of the much more expensive double traps so whichever way the Louisiana animals heading it should walk directly into the trap and be caught.

Most professionals use the above method to catch Baton Rouge armadillos but even they say their success rate is not high. Some even go as far as to set up plastic stripping along the walkway to direct the animal into the cage of the trap, but even then this only helps sometimes because if the armadillo decides to change course it will just bulldoze a hole right through the plastic. Once you've caught an armadillo you need to move it at least 10 miles to be sure it won't come back in the near future.

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